Movable pool floors and bulkheads for public swimming pools


Variopool specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of innovative movable pool floors and bulkheads for public swimming pools. We have been fortunate to carry out a great many large international projects worldwide, with the 2012 Olympic Games as one of the highlights.

Movable floors for public swimming pools

Our movable pool floors are synonymous with high quality and reliability – and have been for more than half a century now. We will ensure that you make the most of your swimming pool, and we are happy to offer advice during the process of drafting new building plans. It feels like stating the obvious: every pool should be equipped with a reliable movable floor from Variopool.

Varioplay is the one-stop shop for all your swimming pool necessities!


Varioplay offers a complete package in swimming pool design. And when we say ‘complete package’, we really mean the complete package. Our product range is large and very extensive. This is in line with our vision to serve you, our business relation, as well as possible and to ensure that you can purchase all the equipment required for your swimming pool from us. Everything from slide and racing lines to spray park and starting block.

All the equipment you need for your swimming pool

In addition, Varioplay is the exclusive reseller in the Netherlands and Belgium for timing systems by Swiss Timing. Feel free to click to the separate Varioplay website to see what we offer. Advice tailored to your specific requirements? Making an appointment is easy!

Acrylic underwater windows and movable pool floors for private pools

Holland Aqua sight

Holland Aqua Sight B.V. specialises in installing acrylic underwater windows that are extremely suitable for use in private swimming pools, luxury aquariums, yachts and, for instance, infinity pools. Each underwater window is unique and creates an equally unique experience. Feel free to check our website for the many projects we have been fortunate to carry out worldwide. Using an acrylic window will create a luxury atmosphere for your swimming pool.

Movable floors and acrylic underwater windows for your private pool.

In addition to these windows, Holland Aqua Sight also installs movable pool floors for luxury private swimming pools. It goes without saying we do this in close cooperation with Variopool. The expertise we have gained from working in public swimming pools will also be applied for your private pool. Only the best is good enough.

Saving energy with the swimming pool covers of Variodeck. Available in different types and sizes


Variodeck supplies and installs pool covers for pools in all different shapes and sizes. The Variodeck pool covers have multiple benefits. The effective insulation layer of the slats cuts energy costs by almost 70%. This not only benefits the environment but also results in considerable savings in the yearly operational costs for that specific swimming pool.

Our pool covers can be used for both in- and outdoor pools and minimize evaporation. Moreover, the water will stay clean for longer and will not lose heat as fast.

Movable floors and other aids for use with hydrotherapy


Variomedic produces and supplies movable swimming pool floors, float aids, and other equipment used in Hydrotherapy. The aim of this form of therapy is to increase the weight-bearing capacity of various tissues in order to positively affect daily functioning, participation in society, satisfaction and well-being.

For pools used for Hydrotherapy, we design and install pool ramps, disabled access platforms and special stairs. The overriding aim here is to allow the patient to easily and safely enter the pool.