Municipality of Rucphen opts for 2-temperature pool

Municipality of Rucphen goes for 2-temperatures in public swimming pool Just like the municipalities Bilthoven, Culemborg, Workum, Buitenpost where they already work with a so-called 2-temperature pool and Kapelle (under construction), the Municipality of Rucphen joins this list of special public swimming pools.

Swimming pool water with 2-temperatures

Variopool BV received the written order from the Municipality of Rucphen to install a movable swimming pool floor and a hinged wall installation in the new public swimming pool. Together with the water treatment company LOTEC Zwembadtechniek and by applying new innovations from our own company, a 2-temperature swimming pool will be implemented. By also a well established daily program and its implementation, it is possible to obtain at set times 3 to 4 degrees Celsius warmer pool water above the surface of the movable floor.

For example, it is possible for the lane swimmers to swim in water of 27 degrees Celsius on one side and for starters or other target groups to do their exercises in water of 30 degrees Celsius on the other side of the folding wall.

We thank the municipality of Rucphen for their trust in our company and look forward to a pleasant and constructive cooperation with all advisory and construction partners involved.